Part 2: How AngelList and Stonks deal with Adverse Selection

Angel list: the Funding Marketplace (2011–2016)

Angel list, 2011 — an email list of deals, sent to angels (wayback machine)
Angel list, 2013 — an online fundraising platform
AngelList Syndicates, ~2015

Angel list: Tools for Syndicates & Funds (2018 — Present)

AngelList Venture, 2019
  • Rolling Funds
  • Syndicates
  • Traditional Fund Administration
  • AngelList Stack (for Founders)
  • Roll-up Vehicles (cost-effective SPVs, for Founders)

Stonks: Platform to Tools

Stonks started off doing its own demo day every 4–6 weeks. We partially solved adverse selection through investor signaling. But the way we’re really solving it long-term is by transitioning from hosting our own events, to primarily hosting partner events instead.

Next 2 weeks on Stonks



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