We started Stonks because fundraising is one of the most painful, time-consuming, and yet necessary parts of building a startup. I’ve been doing startups since 2005, raised $40m+, and have been through situations where rounds have taken 6 months. Also seen investors who had no idea what the business really did, after being on the board for years.

At Stonks, we want to:

Make Fundraising 10X faster: raise in 1–3 days, not in months.

Highest Value-add-per-dollar Investors: We promise to be the highest value-add per dollar on your cap-table by getting you exactly the type of investors you want —…

What is PoorFounders?

A group of founder friends all co-investing together, buying secondary shares from founders and early employees in products we use and love ❤️


Back in 2015 when Murtaza Hussain and I were running Streamlabs, we had an acquisition offer to buy the company. Our investors at the time did not want to sell, and offered to buy some secondary shares to help keep us going. So we sold some of our shares and kept going — which ultimately helped in getting to a larger exit several years later.

Most founders and early startup employees are rich in monopoly money, but…


I’ve often wondered about this. Looking back at my personal experience, I’ve sold 2 startups and acquired 7 (couple of acquihires in there). Buying was better and more fun than selling. We stumbled onto this approach purely by accident, and reasoning from first-principles. Here’s the story.

Back in 2015, we had just raised a Series A led by Sequoia. Six months after the round, our industry went to shit for regulatory reasons (fantasy sports), getting banned in a majority of US states temporarily. Our revenues went from $1m/mo to nearly $0 overnight. We had $12m+ cash in the bank from…

Over the past 5 years in my role at Streamlabs, I’ve seen content creators run into serious issues with doing streaming sustainably over the long-term. 79% of new streamers give-up and quit within 90 days. Those that continue, often suffer and toil tremendously at risk to their physical and mental health.

We’ve tried to help alleviate this with great streaming tools at Streamlabs, but we’ve barely made a dent in real issues. These problems have a recurring pattern, and have been happening repeatedly over several years. …

Pause that stream for a second folks.

Today we have some big news: Logitech has agreed to acquire Streamlabs — and we’re super excited! Streamlabs will be joining the Logitech family. Our mission has always been to enable Streamers to make a living pursuing their passion. And now with Logitech’s resources behind us, we can take this even further.

Both Streamlabs and Logitech have strong brands in the gaming space with millions of users. While we help streamers broadcast, monetize and look their best via software, Logitech’s gear enables them to look, perform and sound amazing. When my brother Murti…

[Edited: Terms of Service for music integration via Soundcloud, see music section below.]

The all-new Twitch Developer Platform is coming soon, and Streamlabs is excited to be a launch partner for this new platform. TL;DR — Get Started here.

We’ve been working on a new app for Twitch for many months that combines many of the features that streamers have been asking for into an all-in-one pile of goodness. Everything works through this little menu, kinda like the Start menu in Windows but for your channel.

Stream menu — hides when not used

Loyalty Points — now without chat spam

Setup a custom currency for your channel. Name it anything you want, and control…

[TL;DR Guilds will help you succeed as a streamer by teaming up with similar streamers. Check it out here. Tutorial video here.]

Streamers have been telling us that one of their major problems is getting a new channel launched and off-the-ground. It’s hard to setup all the right software, plug-ins, get discovered, know what times or games to stream, and other best practices. It’s also hard to stay motivated when nobody is watching you.

Introducing: Streamer Guilds

Most successful streamers attribute a large part of their success to finding other streamers that helped them out early on — networking. …

Hadoukennnn! Credit: Popcultcha

Hello fellow adventurers! Streamlabs recently published two years worth of monetization and segmentation data (2015 & 2016) for Livestreams on Twitch in an industry report. We’re continuing that research by releasing an important quarterly update that for the very first time includes data about Youtube Live, and how it compares with Twitch.

➤ Report Highlights TL;DR

Monthly Active Streamers have grown 330% for Youtube Live vs 19% for Twitch in the past 5 months; and 36.6% for YouTube Live vs 4.1% for Twitch in the past 6 weeks.

Twitch generated 96% of Tips vs 4% for YouTube Live, monetizing much better;

Tipping volume is…

In keeping with our planned schedule of releasing significant new features every month throughout 2017, here’s some exciting stuff for March Madness this month.

Streamlabs in over 20 Languages 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇷🇺 🇰🇷

Streamlabs is used by over 2 million streamers in over 120 countries. Many have complained that while we support foreign currencies and foreign characters in our Alerts, the main Streamlabs site and tipping pages are only available in English. This makes it harder to understand and use for people who don’t speak English as their first language (which is most of the world, really).

The world is big, and we’re just a small part of it

We’re taking a big step to address this. Starting sometime next week…

Last month we released several new features and promised that you’d see significant new features and updates from us each month for the rest of 2017. Let’s dive right into it.

New Dashboard and Tip Pages

We’re releasing updated Dashboard and Tip Pages with a more modern, sleeker design. They’ve been written to be faster, more responsive and API-driven for faster development. Oh, and we now have a night-mode for all you owls out there.

Sweet, sexy night-mode. Goodbye screen glare.

Buttons, forms, fields and icons have all been redesigned to be sleeker and more modern. The Tip page has received an aesthetic update.

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